my philosophy

Every person is different and has different needs nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I help people listen to their body and intuition.  I help you in listening to your body – your cravings, your guilty pleasures, and ultimately what makes your body feel alive, happier and healthier.  The cleaner you eat, the better you feel and the happier your life will become - seriously!  Clean eating is about knowledge of what is healthy and above all self-love.  When you love yourself, everything in your life – relationships, work, family and spirituality – will dramatically change!  I help you get their with food.  


my passions

I love teaching people how to elevate their lives.  Food is an important avenue toward doing this as it fuels our bodies and our minds.  I am passionate about helping people have better lives by teaching them in a fun way how to eat better, and in the process uncovering and solving health issues.  I love traveling, massages, deep breathing, hearing the ocean, being outdoors soaking up the sunshine, hugging, snuggling with my cat, date nights with my husband, enjoying good food with good friends and sharing my food knowledge with others.  I spend hours reading about the latest food science and pouring over healthy food blogs.  Above all, I am passionate about finding balance in life, and helping others do the same!


my story

I was fortunate to be introduced to "real food" from birth and had a very healthy upbringing.  My siblings and I were not allowed to eat cane sugar, mainstream cereals or snack foods, fast food, or chocolate – I thought carob was chocolate until I was introduced to the real thing in second grade!  I grew up on organic tofu, turkey, chicken and fish, homemade soy milk, juice-sweetened candy and Tiger bars (protein bars that I thought were candy bars), with some natural snack foods mixed in.  Most food that other people seemed to have in their freezer was made from scratch in my house.  Waffles, pancakes and whole grain breads were all homemade with natural ingredients.  I even learned how to read labels at a young age to know to put the package back on the shelf if it contained artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or any other unpronounceable ingredients.

As I got older, I went through the natural phase of rebellion.  My parents divorced in my early teens and I noticed soon after that there was far less monitoring of what my siblings and I ate, especially since we often had to fend for ourselves.  Exposed to foods by friends, I found myself eating fast food, bagel bites, pizzas, fries, brightly colored candy, soda and Doritos.  It felt so good to eat these “forbidden” foods!  It was around this time I began noticing I was gaining weight (puberty didn’t help matters) and I entered high school having access to even more unhealthy foods.  This pattern continued into college.  My diet consisted mainly of Top Ramen, macaroni and cheese, beer and gas station nachos!  Between all the drinking and late-night food binges, I gained the “freshman fifteen” and then some.  Occasionally, I still sought out organic foods and natural ingredients because I knew they made me feel good. 

Just when I felt like I could step away from all the bad eating habits my beloved older brother was killed in a car accident.  Coping with unbearable grief I clearly remember deciding to medicate with food.  There was something about a pint of ice cream or a giant plate of nachos that had a numbing affect.  And, so I ate. 

The next ten years included calling off a wedding, foreclosing on a home, and gaining fifty pounds.  Finally, I was able to work through my grief and make positive changes in my life.  I “woke up” and lost the weight, got rid of years of chronic inflammation, got engaged, worked as a wedding planner for ten years, and planned my dream wedding.  I also learned about alcoholism and addiction during my first year of marriage, and found the courage to follow my calling to help educate others on health and nutrition.  I went back to my roots and ate organic, whole foods, avoiding those “forbidden,” chemical-laden food-like products that took their toll on my health.  I am a big fan of green juice and green smoothies, and I will always love nachos (only now they are packed with plant based goodness!).  In spite of my experiences with pain, loss, grief, weight struggles and addiction, my passion for creating a healthy and happy life for myself and my loved ones has continued to grow.  I’ve learned a lot from how I was raised, how I have ate at certain points in my life, and how I now feel with a healthy lifestyle.  I share all of this with you because I know how scary and difficult change can be – but sometimes feeling the fear allows you to have a better, more fulfilling life than you could imagine.

I am a certified nutritionist and health coach with certifications from the Natural Healing Institute in Clinical Nutrition, and from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Health Coaching.  I’ve been inspired by the work of Natalia Rose, author of The Raw Food Detox Diet and I learned how to cleanse the body studying advanced detoxification under her in New York.  I traveled to Bali and attended Pure Joy Academy where I received my Raw Food Chef and Detox Counselor certifications. My ongoing education has given me the tools and information necessary to educate people on how to eat better and coach people on how to create and stick to a healthier lifestyle.  As a Certified Nutritionist (I like to call myself a “Nutritionista!”), I can tell you the top one hundred most nutrient dense foods.  As a Certified Health Coach, I can explain the concept of bio-individuality – how one person’s food is another person’s poison, and that we all have uniquely different emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.  As a Chef, I can show you how to upgrade your favorite meals and teach you how to practice balance with food. And, as a former Event (wedding) Planner, I can also teach you how to have a lot of fun doing it!



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Interested in helping others reach their health goals?  You can become a Certified Health Coach too. 


I have a passion for making “naughty” food nice. In my one-on-one, group coaching and classes, I teach my clients and students how to makeover their favorite recipes while having fun doing it! I also help people listen to their intuition, uncovering  what truly feeds their mind, body and soul.