As a certified nutritionist, health coach and chef my goal is to help people create and maintain healthy lifestyles through food. 


I offer 1-on-1 coaching that will help you uncover your unhealthy vices, the motivations behind them and small, easy ways to change your lifestyle and dinner plate.  Each person's needs are different, but we start off discussing health goals, how to upgrade your food choices in the kitchen and dining out, I provide recipes galore, I offer shopping support, and I can coach you on how to throw fun, healthy parties for special occasions.  I work with you to discover your unique “bio-individuality” profile, which is tailored to your body’s needs so you can finally understand what to eat and discover your "new normal."


Let’s Mingle, 90-minute Session via Skype, Phone or In Person

When is the last time you had the opportunity to talk to someone about your health?  Maybe you have a health opportunity you would like to approach holistically, you want to lose weight, or you are simply trying to figure out what foods are healthy for your body.  Let's talk about food and lifestyle practices you can incorporate to feel amazing and live the life you want. 


Let's Get Serious, 12 1-hour sessions via Skype, Phone or In Person 

Need an accountability coach to keep you on track while you reach your health goals? In this 6-month program, I will help you lose weight, uncover food allergies, suggest holistic approaches to healing health opportunities, provide answers to all of your nutrition questions, help you navigate through all of the conflicting info out there, offer ongoing email/text support and of course, I will share plenty of delicious recipes! Sessions can also consist of making over your own favorite recipes in the privacy of your own kitchen, a pantry detox where you get intimate with labels and get rid of anything that isn't food, and a tour of your local Whole Foods so I can show you my favorite products.  I can join you live if you are local to NYC or join you virtually anywhere in the world!  It takes time to make serious changes, and I'm with you every step of the way to ensure you are sticking to them!


Group Soiree, In Person Group Cooking Class

Complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with organizer to establish group’s needs. Our group Soiree includes 2.5 hours together in the comfort of the organizer’s home where I will demonstrate and sample out 5 different recipes. Themes to choose from are Decadent Desserts, All about Smoothies, Junk Food Makeover, Mexican, Italian, Asian, Breakfast & Brunch, Simple Salads, Kid Friendly or we can mix and match based on popular demand! I bring the tools AND organic food needed to make recipes discussed during the consultation and will have a great time prepping in your kitchen. Guests will receive a shopping list and hard copies of all the recipes that are showcased.  


Virtual Soiree, Live Online Cooking Class

Want to learn how to make the upgraded versions of your favorite meals in the comfort of your own home no matter where you are in the world? I host live, online cooking classes and show you just how easy it is to make simple, delicious comfort food that is actually good for you. Check the calendar for upcoming classes.

New to gourmet, organic, raw vegan cuisine or already an enthusiast?  I offer classes in the NYC area that showcase easy to prepare dishes that people of all skill levels can learn.  Students will receive a shopping list, samplings and hard copies of all recipes prepared.
Check my calendar for upcoming events and classes. Connect with me to learn more about private and group classes.  






I have a passion for making “naughty” food nice. In my one-on-one, group coaching and classes, I teach my clients and students how to makeover their favorite recipes while having fun doing it! I also help people listen to their intuition, uncovering  what truly feeds their mind, body and soul.