As a former wedding planner, I can think of nothing better than a celebratory gathering with friends, or a fun date night with someone you love. Date nights don’t have to mean unhealthy pizza and a Netflix movie or a 2,000-calorie dinner and the bars.  They can be healthy meals that you prepare together that leave everyone feeling energized and nourished.  

Let's plan an interactive brunch or dinner in the privacy of your own home for you and that special someone, or an intimate group of friends!  I will be your personal chef and teach you how to “upgrade” your favorite meal together.  Prior to our date, we will decide on a themed menu and I will take care of the shopping for the ingredients we need.  You will spend the afternoon or evening noshing on vibrant food you helped to prepare, while soaking up nutrition tips & kitchen tricks.  I provide hard copies of all recipes for you to recreate on a future Date.    

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I have a passion for making “naughty” food nice. In my one-on-one, group coaching and classes, I teach my clients and students how to makeover their favorite recipes while having fun doing it! I also help people listen to their intuition, uncovering  what truly feeds their mind, body and soul.